IAA AuctionNow™ - Canada

IAA's bidding and buying auction platform is digital. In a continued effort to innovate our auction model and incorporate feedback from buyers, our successful AuctionNow™ platform has been enhanced to accommodate digital-only auctions.

How to Bid: IAA AuctionNow™

Frequently Asked Questions

How has our auction model changed?

IAA is an all-digital platform utilizing our AuctionNow™ technology. The platform is automated by our system. The auctioneer's voice was replaced by sound effects and automated verbal audio effects.

What if I don't have an online account?

Setting one up is fast and easy. If you're a registered buyer and have a buyer number, simply provide your email address to the customer service representative at any branch or contact IAA Customer Support. For new registrations, visit ca.IAAI.com.

Can buyers bid online from a kiosk within the branch?

No, buyers will need to research, bid, and buy on their devices.

Will current auction times change?

Auctions will always start at the exact posted time on ca.IAAI.com and will always proceed exactly in order of Run # (starting with 1 and going up).

What enhancements are being made to AuctionNow™?

New enhancements are being developed to make your digital auction experience better. Check back to see what new improvements are available.