Payments: Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle and invoice payment using Interac Online payment is the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to pay, obtain your Bill of Sale and Gate Pass to pick-up your vehicle purchases.

To provide this secure payment method, IAA has partnered with INTERAC Online.

What You Should Know?

Who can participate?

  1. Any buyer who holds a Canadian drawn bank account may use this service including International buyers.

What Canadian Banks or Credit Unions participate in Interac Online?

  1. Click here to learn more.

Is there a limit to how much I can pay each time?

  1. Yes, your daily Interac online payment limit is set by your financial institution. Please contact your financial institution to obtain or increase your daily limit.

Can you use a VISA / Debit card?

  1. No, VISA / Debit is not supported.

How Do I Get Started?

If you meet the above criteria to use this service, please follow the following steps to make your vehicle payment using INTERAC Online. Otherwise please contact your financial institution on how you can get set-up.

  1. Go To My Auction Center Dashboard.
  2. Click on ‘My Vehicles To Be Paid’ button.
  3. Here you will find the total outstanding balance and a list of vehicles that you can choose to pay.
  4. Select vehicles and invoices can be paid by applying the checkmark.
  5. A running total will update as you select and deselect vehicles to be paid.
  6. Click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and verify your payment details on the next page.
  7. If your payment is successful you will get a receipt outlining the details, including the Bill of Sale(s) and Gate Pass(s).
  8. Both the Bill of Sale and Gate Pass are located in the vehicle history section for future reference.

Note: MPI stocks can be paid from Auction Centre via the INTERAC online service. This can be located within the “To Be Paid” tile of the dashboard.

  1. Select the MPI tab
  2. Select your stock(s) to be paid
  3. Proceed to payment method page
  4. Select INTERAC and proceed to complete transaction

For more MPI vehicle payment options, click here

More About Interac Online Payments

Can I make partial payments through this service?

  1. Partial payments are not accepted. Only full payment is authorized.

If my payment doesn’t work the first time, can I try again?

  1. Yes, if your first payment didn’t go through you can try again with the same bank or try with another financial institution.

How do I know what my Interac limit is and can I have it increased?

  1. Please contact your Bank to determine what your Interac limit is for e-transfers / 3rd party payments.
  2. To inquire about an increased limit, please contact your bank.

Receipts for vehicles paid along with Bill of Sale and Gate Pass?

  1. You will get a receipt outlining the details paid along with the Bill of Sale(s) and Gate Pass(s).
  2. Both the Bill of Sale and Gate Pass are located in the vehicle history section for future reference.

Can I pay any time of day?

  1. Yes, this service is available at 24 hours day by logging in.

Is there a cost for this service?

  1. There is no cost for this service.

Can I pay with my mobile phone?

  1. Yes

Other Payment Options

Can I still make payments directly at one our IAA branch locations?

  1. Yes, you can still make payments directly at any of our branch locations across the country.
  2. Click here to learn more about other options.

Pay IAA Invoices directly through your Bank.

  1. Login into your online banking account or applicable financial institution.
  2. Go to the bill pay or payment management screen – Add Payee
  3. Enter “IAA” and select “IAA” from the list of companies.
  4. Enter your Bidder# into the Account Number or applicable field. Note, this field label name can vary per bank.
  5. Once you’ve successfully set up IAA as a Payee, you can go ahead and complete a payment online via your financial institution

For Buyers within Canada

  1. IAA is now accepting e-transfer payments.
  2. Check with your banking institution on daily, weekly, monthly limits.
  3. Make an e-transfer payment to from your online banking account or app.
  4. Please include your buyer # and stock #’s if you’re not paying the entire balance owing.
  5. Payments are cleared upon receipt and gate passes will be emailed.

For more information or assistance please contact Buyer Services by email at or by calling (289) 374-3919.