Pre Bid Terms And Conditions

Pre Bid is available when unit is posted online up until lot opens for LIVE bidding.

Pre-Bids cannot be removed. You can edit or modify your Pre Bid amount anytime before the unit opens for LIVE Bidding. Maximum Pre Bids can only be reduced to the current High Pre Bid amount.

Once the AuctionNow Auction has started and this vehicle is open for bidding, Pre Bid will competitively bid in your dealerships name until there are no competitors still bidding against you OR until the dollar value submitted here is reached.

Other competitive bids may affect the acceptance of your bid by the auctioneer. The auctioneer decision is final.

Only the top Pre Bids will be taken to the auction and tie Pre Bids are not allowed. Should only one Pre bid exist on a vehicle, the single bid may deploy at 70% of the tendered amount.

When there are more than one (multiple) Pre Bids for the same unit, ‘High Pre-Bid’ column on the run list will display second highest Pre Bid plus standard bidding increment.

If your Pre Bid is higher than “High Pre –Bid” both ‘High Pre Bid’ and Pre Bid are displayed in Green. If your Pre Bid is less than ‘High Pre-Bid’ then High Pre-Bid and Pre Bid are displayed in Red.

If any information on the condition report (excluding Run Number and Images) is updated after your Pre Bid is submitted, your Pre Bid will be automatically removed and you will be notified of the removal via the email address entered at the time of submission.

All Pre Bids will be rounded to the nearest $25 for bids under $500, rounded to the nearest $50 for bids between $500 and $2,000 and rounded to the nearest $100 for bids over $2,000.

Placing an Pre Bid does not guarantee unit being awarded.